Red Lips Kueh Pie Tee


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Regular Cups

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Regular Cups

About two to three mouthfuls, or gentleman’s large mouthful. If you like to eat more filling, go for the Regular cups.

Our Regular cups average around 4.2cm tall and 4.0cm wide

Mini Cups

Mini cups are an elegant lady’s mouthful. If you have a non-traditional gourmet filling or prefer to eat more of the cup, go for the Mini cups.

Our Mini cups average around 3.6cm tall and wide

Party Packs

Perfect for pot lucks, parties and picnics, the Red Lips Party Pack comes complete with traditional Peranakan vegetable filling, sweet and chili sauces, fried egg topping, coriander leaf topping and crushed groundnuts.

Note: For food-safety reasons, the vegetable filling will be pre-chilled. This gives the filling a shelf-life of 24-36 hours in the chiller. Simply reheat and serve.